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This page will contain significant reviews by customers who have enjoyed extended ownership and compared their Aspen productst to others in the market.

They are presented in chronological order.



From PHILLIP PALANGAS - Sydney September 2009

I have finally decided to put pen to paper in appreciation to Hugh for his continuous pursuit of audio nirvana and in particular for engaging Laurie to develop the VSonic Speakers. The VSonics bring a rich musical pleasure to my listening sessions.

I started my Hi-Fi sojourn in the seventies and began constructing speakers a couple of years later. One of the first designs to pique my interest was the transmission line concept. Like so many before me I built the Bailey design in the 70's and have since dabbled with various speakers and designs in many diverse forms. In recent years I started playing with TL designs again, but could never get it quite right, since the black art of crossover design eluded me. I have a bean counting background unlike Hugh and Laurie who have "engineering minds", and rather than accept certain hurdles they simply find ways to overcome them.

I had heard that Hugh commissioned the design of a new TL speaker and so I put my name down for a kit. I am always on the lookout for good value items (that is where results exceed my expectations for the funds I outlay) and Hugh has delivered this over and over in the last 7 or so years. I had to wait quite some time for the kit as it underwent many permutations towards a final product.

Hugh provides excellent documentation and all kit components are of high quality. I finished constructing the enclosures within a few days of receiving the drivers and then waited some months whilst they were being coated. Once returned I installed the drivers and crossovers and soldered the speaker cables directly onto the crossover.

Upon critically listening to the results, I was captivated by the music flowing through unscathed. The speakers have now been in daily use for over 9 months and I am feeling somewhat cheated by the many years spent listening to other, inferior speakers! The VSonics bring life to the music, specifically by revealing that which you never realised was included in the recording.

The VSonics highlights I have noticed are these:

· There is simply an amazing amount of clear, additional information. There is much improved transparency over other speakers I have owned, and much more musical information extracted. I am hearing new instruments and other recording nuances in micro-detail, for example saxophone keys, piano foot pedals, brushwork on drums, and the extended, natural decay of cymbals.

· Soundstage and air have become virtual, an organic uncanny overall coherence, it is just more relaxed and natural in presentation.

· An incredible sweetness to the sound without loss of resolution. This is intrinsic to natural music but a quality almost always lacking to some degree in sound reproduction.

· Stunning clarity in the mids and highs, with an extended response and no evident sibilance. The Vsonics are particularly sensitive to attack/decay patterns, providing a most realistic timbre and shimmer on percussive crashes and ride patterns.

· The VSonics exhibit the deep tight bass that I believe is the strength of the TL design and being well controlled the bass grip results in improved articulation and tunefulness which contributes to an improved rhythm and pace.

· Improved front to back depth with more stable imaging and the ability to place instruments more clearly. The listener can follow indivdual instruments in the mix during complex musical passages.

So here I sit enthralled, listening to a musical, fatigue free system with a smile on my face.

Phillip Palangas

GK1- LF55 - Vsonics