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Aspen Amplifiers


Midrange bloom??   SS glare??   Lifeless sound??
NONE of that at Aspen - Soraya and NAKSA amplifiers are exceptional!
AND our new retail kit amp Maya 200, NAKSA 80 and NAKSA 125 now selling!

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ASPEN AMPLIFIERS P/L are suppliers of revolutionary audiophile retail amplifiers,
and stereo power module kits- at sound quality to rival the very best in high end!
  Vsonics speaker kit NEW Maya power 200W amp, and NAKSA power amplifiers
Aspen uses sophisticated engineering design to make real music in your home!
Aspen Amplifiers offers a fulfilling, rare high end sound at an astonishing price..

The best technology, stunning sonics, still with unsurpassed service backup!
New Amplifier:   The MAYA 200, an extraordinary new amp for Aspen
NAKSA 80 & 125 now with purpose built full enclosures!

VSonic speaker kits now redeveloped for SEAS woofer

100W Module

Link to news January 2016 - Happy New Year/Maya details here!