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Select the several product and options you want. It is generally cheaper for you to order options at the same time as your main purchase, rather than later as a separate order, as this saves on packaging and shipping.


Check the total cost of your order on the PRICELIST. Note that the prices are given in Australian dollars. We have considered moving to US dollars, but in light of rapidly changing currencies in the present fallout from the GFC, we have opted to continue with the AUD. Depending on your prefered payment option you may need to convert these prices into $USD or Euros.


Check the price of shipping to your location at SHIPPING OPTIONS. We very strongly recommend the insurance option.
Depending on your prefered payment option you may also need to convert these prices into your local currency.


Choose from bank draft, international bank transfer, direct deposit, or Paypal. Note that PayPal attracts a 4% impost on final total, and most bank transfers cost around $USD25, which should be added to the total to avoid deducting the charge on transfer.


Email to us your order at aspen01@optusnet.com.au After receiving your order we will contact you by email to confirm it and discuss any unresolved issues. If you have any questions that are not answered on the website (please read it carefully, as we have LOTS of emails!), don't hesitate to email us. We normally reply within 24 hours, and often within two hours.



Lists the prices of currently available ASPEN AMPLIFIER products and options in Australian dollars. The exchange rate for USD is best calculated on line; but be aware that the exchange rate varies (on a minute-by-minute basis!) and actual costs for currencies other than AUD can only be finalised at the time of transaction. USD and Euros are in constant flux at present. Note that Aspen no longer accepts credit cards, as these are highly susceptible to fraud. We suggest you check the current exchange rate on www.xe.com, which is updated every few seconds.



Describes the various options for making payments.


CREDIT CARD FRAUD (important!)

There is now considerable fraud using stolen cards operating mostly out of Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Russia much of East Europe, and Nigeria. The normal checks and balances on CC integrity are bypassed with mail order/telephone order purchases, and the risk is solely on the part of the trader. This is the reason for a no CC policy.

2. The goods will only be despatched on clearance of funds. There can be no exceptions to this rule.

3. All invoices included with the product will be for the full amount, regardless of Customs Excise duties.



Includes the freight/ postal methods available, and the costs and expected delivery times of each.
Insurance and any other costs are included.