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The prices in this list are given in Australian dollars (AUD). If you want to know the equivalent in your local currency, we recommend you use the same link we use for a fast currency conversion service. The XE.com service is excellent, and up to the minute conversions are offered for almost every world currency.

These prices DO NOT INCLUDE local taxes, such as GST in Australia.
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Aspen Soraya CB105 power amplifier (warrantied, retail product)

This is the premium, flagship retail product, delivering stunning, surreal performance with any speaker load. Power is 105W into 8R, 195W into 4R. The Soraya is the result of radical topology research, with scintillating sonic realism in any and all musical genres. This amplifier is available in two versions; the premium, and the signature, which utilizes teflon capacitors in the signal path. The Soraya is extremely load tolerant and will easily drive electrostatic speakers with perfect stability. This amplifier transcends issues of resolution to deliver a natural intimacy which will absolutely entrance any committed audiophile.

The Soraya is unconditionally warrantied for three years parts and labor, with accredited Service Centers in both Australia and North America.


Signature Series

Premium Edition

Aspen NAKSA 100 (both modules fully built and tested, plug and play)

This is the 'new AKSA' amplifier module from Aspen. It delivers extraordinary resolution, powerful, musical bass, ultra-low distortion, and breathtaking presence and sound stage. Delivered as two fully built modules with built, tested power supply pcb requiring transformers, switch, binding posts and suitable enclosure. Includes heatsinks for outright purchasers.

A new, purpose built enclosure, fully built, cut, drilled, tapped and powder coated, is available for an additional $AUD160. This enclosure is made from 2mm mild steel, and is extremely robust and compact, measuring 385Wx320Dx85H.



Aspen NAKSA 80 (both modules and power supply fully built and tested, plug and play)

This is the revised and uprated NAKSA 70 level stereo power amplifier module from Aspen. It delivers extraordinary resolution, wonderful imaging, and breathtaking presence and bass heft.  Delivered as a single pcb and incorporating both power amp channels and an integrated power supply, this power amplifier requires only a single 300VA transformer with two 30Vac secondaries, a switch, speaker binding posts and a suitable enclosure.

A new, purpose built enclosure, fully built, cut, drilled, tapped and powder coated, is available for an additional $AUD140. This enclosure is computer folded made from 3mm aluminium sheet, and is extremely robust and compact, measuring 320Wx250Dx65H.





GK-1EL (Entry Level)
Sonically stratospheric, the GK-1 builds on lessons learned in the TLP and power amplifier development. It delivers stunning engagement and extraordinary musicality, comparing favorably with the top names in high end. The entry level version includes all analogue componentry, two grain-oriented power transformers for the ultimate in channel separation, all fasteners, nuts and bolts, tubes, sockets, active and passive components. The potentiometer is a very high quality dual gang cermet, enabling the music to shine through.




VSONICS (Revised for SEAS 8" driver January 2011)

Spectacular two way transmission line speaker with fully built and tested two way passive crossovers, forward firing vent and small size for apartments and flats. This speaker has extraordinary resolution and imaging, and a wonderful, almost subliminal bass which only TLs can do. It will play loud or soft, rock or acoustic, choir or single vocal.

The VSonics were more than eighteen months in the development and designed by Laurie Menogue, a profoundly experienced veteran of TL design since the sixties.

The kit comes with all fasteners for a stereo pair, grill cloth, wiring, binding posts, some stuffing, and comprehensive instructions. You will need to buy carpet offcuts for lining the enclosure, four drivers, and timber. This loudspeaker has been developed painstakingly, with infinite attention to the fine detail. The refinement is astonishing, with exhilirating performance from a small enclosure just 9" wide, 3' tall and 17" deep. These loudspeakers are suitable for almost any room, being deep yet forward firing; they deliver spectacular dynamics, wonderful, emotive bass and midrange, with imaging and resolution to die for. These are a musicians speaker, with stunning emotional engagement, offering breathtaking realism and resolution. Recommended for any serious audiophile or musician!.



Paris Head Amplifier (Released Dec 08)
Assembled and tested pcb with coaxial flying leads for input/output and twisted pair for power. Gain is 26dB flat, designed for use with moving magnet RIAA equalised preamplifier. Input overload is 100mVpp, Zout is 500R, capacitively coupled. Output is ground referenced for ultra low noise operation.

The Paris is set up for use with Moving Coil cartridges with user specified source impedance, and operates off a sealed lead acid or NiCd battery (12V, 35mA total current draw). Pcb is lacquered, correctly biased, and fitted with M3 threaded nylon standoffs.