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Taylored Audio iis owned and operated by Chris Taylor, of Melton, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Chris is a committed audiophile with a lovely hifi system including Ariel speakers, AKSA amplifiers, EL84 tube amplifiers, Rane active crossovers, and a great deal of enthusiasm for audio.

And Chris has a wonderful skill - he is a gifted woodworker.

He is now offering timber enclosures, beautifully made on professional equipment, to audiophiles around the world. These are specifically designed for tube electronics. Chris is focussed on quality and service, and can be found here at his website Taylored Audio. Click on his logo to catch a glimpse of the wonderful work he does....


Retrovox is owned and operated by guitar amp and valve enthusiast David Crittle, and is based in Wagga Wagga in southern NSW. He operates a veritable Aladdin's cave of military surplus and other valve and electronics gear, all contained in what seem like a never-ending chain of stores and warehouses. David is well known as a scrupulously honest and fair trader; he'll still drive a firm deal, and he's not giving the stuff away gratis, but you'll be dealing with an impeccably trustworthy source, and an immensely knowledgeable and approachable one at that, and one that, obviously, we highly recommend.

Some years ago I needed to sell a motor vehicle and trade up to another. I cast around looking for a professional who might help for a fee, and remembered a friend who for many years had employed a true expert who had become a personal friend.

I phoned John, and he was more than happy to help. Not only did he dispose of my older vehicle in just ten days, he also found, negotiated and purchased on my behalf the best car I have ever owned - a pristine Toyota Cressida Grande - at a very reasonable price. I am delighted, and heartily recommend his services to anyone in Australia seeking a motor vehicle from a true professional who negotiated so well he more than paid his own fee!

These days John is working full time in a Honda dealership, but he will still find cars freelance for anyone searching for that special vehicle.


Black Art Audio

design and manufacture of premium quality, hand-wound valve audio transformers, and located in Melbourne, Victoria. Black Art is the child of Engineer Lucas Cant, whose products, particularly his 'spud' amp output transformer for a 417A (5842) triode, have quickly gained a formidable international reputation.

Kiewa Valley Stereo

is Steve Spicer's website. Steve, an engineer, is a member of the Melbourne Audio Club and lives in Glen Waverley, an eastern suburb. Steve's site has information on various manufacturers of audio products which are no longer currently available, including examples from Leak, Tannoy and Lowther. In addition, information on numerous custom-designed audio projects is also presented although these are not offered for sale.

Sonique Audio

are based in Adelaide, South Australia, and manufacture both loudspeakers and a full range of "MiCrex" branded tube amplifiers. Founded by Steve Lund and Greg Walden in 1992, Sonique Audio has enjoyed remarkable success with its products, both in Australia and internationally.
In addition to loudspeakers, Sonique produces hi-fi amplifiers. The Micrex range of amplifiers originated in the early 1990's. In 1994 Sonique Audio was approached by Micrex to assist with the international marketing of its products, which proved so successful, that by 1995 production demands had increased to a level that production and research and development was moved to the Sonique Audio factory in Adelaide.
This led to the purchase of Micrex by Sonique Audio in 1996. Utilising unusual circuitry, the Micrex amplifiers deliver a high level of performance and realism. These beautifully crafted amplifiers utilise a combination of metal and timber with the old world charm of valves.

Darryl Lock

hails from Queensland. He's regularly active in valve sales on eBay and we see his posts from time to time on the JoeNet, the Sound Practices (Magazine) email List. His website features quite a number of interesting, especially single-ended, tube projects.

Turner Audio

representing Patrick Turner, is located in Australia's capital, Canberra. Patrick has decades of valuable hands-on experience in the audio technical industry. He offers tube amplifier designs for sale, as well as repair, re-engineering and restoration services. His knowledge of tube amplifiers in particular is wide-ranging, and reflects a strong intellect and a craftman's approach to his field.

Rod Elliott

is a Sydney-based electronics guru with a technical and manufacturing background. He's a very experienced, clear thinker, with strong and well explained views on most of the topics which interest audiophiles and performance audio workers. Some very good and simple circuits are to be found on his site, which is well worth an extended visit, and fast becoming one of the most famous audio sites in the world.


Paul Cambie

is service manager for a large consumer electronics company in Melbourne. Paul has a pedigreed academic background and arguably has the most informed knowledge of any amplifier man we know in this town. He is extremely motivated over a variety of interests, and plays a huge part in the web aspects, prototype construction and business strategy of the AKSA technology. Paul, like us, is a tube and hybrid man. Visit his website and catch a glimpse of this energetic enthusiast's rich world of audio!




Douglas Self

Doug Self has now become almost "standard reading" in the world of amplifier design.  He has created an enormous body of published work, notably  in UK journal Wireless World. Douglas is a brilliant circuit analyst with a leaning towards math and measurement, and his writings are well expressed and intensely interesting. His 'Design with Discrete Elements' is worth a good study because it covers much of the difficult material no one writes about and introduces some very challenging, innovative designs.


Adnan Arduman

is an international audiophile from Istanbul who is right into tube audio and has designed and built his own amp and preamp. A clever, urbane man, possessed of great language ability and charm, Adnan has built an amazing gallery of audiophile friends from around the world, as well as a truly impressive number of audio projects and hifi reviews. Adnan is about to open a high end audiophile store in Istanbul, and will sell a Turkish assembled version of the AKSA into Turkey and surrounding countries.



Steve Bench

Steve is a Californian electrical engineer who has a wealth of technical information and experience and is delighted to share it with the world. Steve is a very clever and gracious man, who makes a veritable mountain of information available on his website. Amongst Steve's legendary designs is a tube amplifierwith no capacitors at all, no mean feat!

John Broskie

John is a Californian electronics educator and designer of staggering breadth and literacy.  John writes a regular e-zine, unsurpassed for its fluency and originality. This is a wonderful source of tube and hybrid circuits and is strongly recommended for any audio maven.