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Silicon Chip

This is an Australian monthly magazine primarily directed at professionals, trades people and enthusiasts in the electronics, electrical, computer and related fields. DIY oriented electronics magazines have a long and well established history in Australia. Arguably Silicon Chip is today the most DIY orientated magazine in Australia today, although it too struggles to sustain readership levels by appealing to a very wide range of interests. Hugh Dean enjoy a successful relationship with the magazine through his PCB manufacturing colleague, Michael Lynch, of Printed Electronics, a regular advertising contributor.

Melbourne Audio Club

The Melbourne Audio Club was established in 1975 and now boasts well over 210 members, with membership almost doubling in the last 12 months. The Club caters to a diverse range of audio interests, ranging across all the musical genres, and including Home Theatre, Equipment, and DIY. The website chronicles the Club activities monthly, and is expertly maintained, with links to other Audio societies in North America and Greece. Well worth a visit - MAC even has ex-pat members living in the UK!!



TNT Audio, the website of a devoted audiophile in Italy, gave Aspen its start in the marketing stakes with a highly complimentary review of the 55W AKSA published more than twelve months ago. This review gave Aspen its start in the international arena.

TNT-Audio is a rich lode of information on any and all aspects of audio, and very much worth your inspection. There are comprehensive reviews of most of the audio marques in the world today.


AudioCircle Forum

This forum is unique on the net. It offers a chat site for audiophiles with specific interests, examples being DIY, speakers, cables, digital, vinyl, tubes, movies, home theatre, music. However this forum has much more.

AudioCircle, founded by John Reekie, an Australian living in Sydney, Australia, offers a forum for individual manufacturers. This is marvellous for companies like Aspen, and we proudly enjoy our very own forum under Aspen Amplifiers. Click on the heading above to take you straight there!

This is a wonderful boon for AKSA builders, since people constructing their systems may visit the forum for advice and tips. Hugh is highly visible as AKSA on the Aspen forum, and offers help at every opportunity.

A very important site for any AKSA constructor!

Audio Asylum: BottleHead

A very interesting tube-oriented site dedicated to DIY tube audio. It is based in Seattle, in the Pacific North West of the US. This company, owned by Dan Schmalle, boasts the huge experience of a number of significant players in the industry. Some of these luminaries include the late John ('Buddha') Camille, and Paul Joppa.


This is a valuable site which is used widely in North America to buy and sell audio gear. It is extremely well laid out, with free auctions and minimal advertising. Run by Mike Morrow, strongly recommended.

DIY Audio

Another wonderful DIY site with huge appeal to anyone interested in the field. Hugh often lurks on this forum too, and can be seen debating audio issues with a variety of people!


An eclectic, British DIY site with just about everything of interest to audiophiles, including some very good tube kits. This classy website is an outstanding source of useful information and a jumping point to most of the other UK DIY websites of interest.