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AKSA Kitset ~ Design Philosophy

This paper describes the confusing subjectivity of the hifi golden fleece and explains the beginnings of the AKSA and the ideas behind its evolution.


Active Crossover Applications

This is not a straightforward area, unfortunately, and one must consider the options carefully since the extra cost and complexity is appreciable.


Audio Power Supplies
Audio Timbre: A walk in the forest

The influence of the power supply on the sound of an amp is not intuitive, and a few ideas are proposed here.


A Hi Fi Rave

Some musings on HiFi, Home Theatre, Entertainment and Society.


Democracy, Religion and HiFi

There really are no categorical statements; there are merely preferences.

HiFi Issues
Tubes or Transistors - Science or Art

The differences between tube and transistor sound do not merely concern the devices themselves.


The Magic of Triodes Demystified
The Single Ended Triode Conundrum - What's all the fuss?

An amplifier of any kind is a device for magnifying very weak signals to a strength suitable for driving a load.  It can do this in a myriad of ways.


A Class A Project
Audio Meltdown: Cooling the Core

"Recently I told a friend I was building a one off 60W Class A  amplifier, that two channels produced about 600W of heat, and that I was planning to water-cool the beast.  He looked at me very strangely."


The Heavenly Connection – DIY Speaker Cables

Theories?  Nothing concrete this end.  Constructive input from the more technically inclined is warmly invited 'cause I for one would love to know why it does what it does so well. A cable article from Louis Muratori.