We offer you a variety of payment options. These are;

* payment by Bank Draft, local or international,
* payment by Cheque, and
* payment by PayPal

Because of the very real fraud risks in this industry, we choose not to use credit card facilities at this time.

Let us explain these methods further.

Bank Draft

Payment by bank draft is simple.  You simply go to your local bank, ask them to make out a bank draft in Australian dollars, and send it to us.  The transfer is effected electronically, and appears some hours later in the Aspen account, details of which will be emailed to you on request. A cheque is not advisable unless you are sure your bank operates in Australia.  However, the fee for bank drafts can be high, must be added to your payment, and there are other, simpler ways to go about it.



We are pleased to offer the use of the popular PayPal facility with effect August 2001.  However, that convenience costs.  A 3% impost must be added to the total bill to partly offset amended merchant charges and currency conversion costs across international borders.   These costs are met solely by the merchant and mandate passing on to the customer. Unfortunately, convenience costs!

When you have confirmed the exact payment (including P&P and insurance) by email with us, you must now change the Australian dollar prices into US dollars
We recommend you use the same link we use for a fast currency conversion service. The service is excellent, and up to the minute conversions are offered for almost every country.

If there are any problems with the conversion, we'll get back to you within a few hours by email.  Please bear in mind that many European and US time zones are 10-20 hours behind Australia and delays do occur, mostly because people sleep!  Please be patient - it is important to confirm the final cost and then add 3% BEFORE you deposit money with PayPal!! 

We'll email you as a matter of course to confirm your precise order and costing, and again notify you of shipping details when the package is sent.  In this way we aim to foster your trust and win your repeat business by keeping you informed every step of the way.
As of 21st June 2011, one Australian dollar buys exactly 105.788 US cents and 69.658 Euro cents.  Because of the breadth of our market and heavy turbulence within international currency markets, we will continue to use the Oz dollar for all our pricing.

Once the US dollar cost is known, add the 3% Paypal impost mentioned above. This covers the merchant fee and currency conversion. You are now ready to enter the PayPal website and fill in our account email address.

- the amount you wish to send, denominated in US dollars or AUD as you wish.
Our account name is
Aspen Amplifiers P/L (Hugh R. Dean).

You can use Paypal with a credit card or checking account, but you do need to be registered with PayPal according to their requirements explained in full at their website. This takes only a few days to set up, but is worth the inconvenience.

As soon as you have sent money to us via Paypal, we receive an automatic email advice to that effect, notifying us of the funds transfer and your shipping address.  If the amount is correct, we then act immediately to ship your package, and notify you the hour it is despatched, including all shipping details, weight and insurance certificate.  If the amount is not correct, we immediately contact you. It's that painless, completely secure, and becoming increasingly popular, particularly in North America.

Purchases using bank transfer (direct credit) should be arranged by email with Aspen. We will send the Aspen account detail and SWFT code on request.
We hope these options help you to purchase our fine products, and thank you for your custom!